Mercedes-Benz The ‘Pagoda’ SL

The Pagoda SL

The ‘Pagoda’ SL, produced between July 1963 to January 1967 as 230SL (19,831 produced), December 1966 to January 1968 as 250SL (5198 produced) and January 1968 to March 1971 as 280SL (23,885 produced), so named due to the concave and unique design of the detachable hardtop. Crash zones were an innovation on this beautiful car too.

All models had 6 cylinder engines with fuel injection via a mechanical fuel pump system, the 230SL and 250SL produced 150hp (the 250SL had more torque) and the 280SL produced 170hp. Aluminium panels were used to help keep weight down, the 280SL could achieve 124mph.

Independent rear suspension helped to improve handling and front disc brakes were employed to improve braking with rear discs added from the 250SL. Unlike previous SL’s this model was also popular as it was also available with automatic transmission and power steering.